Nostos Algos
(2002 - 2005)

Hometown. Who said that you think of it while being away.
There isn't a home once you go back there, then
Homesickness grows to the place where you’ve thought foreign soil.

Memory. IT IS what you think, and note down, then I
Tried to note down by using a device called a photography, but the
Thin, paper like memory, which came out from it, is
being faded.
The colors, and smell, and all are vanished, which ends up
Amplifying the pain, and the thoughts -

of mine.


Chromogenic prints and wax on paper, 9"x12". Image size 2"x4". 2002-2005.

Solo Exhibition
Pictura Gallery (Indiana, USA)

Solo Exhibition
Saishunkan Gallery (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Fellowship Exhibition
Houston Center for Photography (Texas, USA)